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Justin Sun Bids $2 Million for Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet NFT

Silicon valley billionaire bitcoin advocate and Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has finally joined the NFT craze. It was long coming, but Dorsey has made his grand entrance to the scene. He digitized his very first tweet and has auctioned it on Valuables, a platform that allows individuals to tokenize and sell their tweets.
At the time of this writing, Justin Sun has bid $2 million for the piece.
“Virtually” Anything is Possible With NFTs
Digital asset enthusiasts have broken the bank for real estate assets, arts, and collectibles that only exist in metaverse of recent, but how much is a tweet worth?
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is introducing an entirely unique perspective to the NFT market. Yesterday, he tweeted a link to the sale of his first tweet dated March 21st, 2006.
He tokenized the tweet and is auctioning it on Valuables. Owned by CENT, Valuables is built on the Ethereum and Matic Network. It allows users to tokenize and sell their tweets.
Jack Dorsey is the first prominent figure to digitize and sell his tweet on the platform. His decision has elicited diverse reactions from the Twitter crypto community, but as expected, bids are running into six figures.
Justin Tron Splurges $2 Million
Tech entrepreneur and TRON founder Justin Tron remained the highest bidder for long after splurging $2 million on the NFT.
It is not surprising as the TRON founder is known for wild investments to further blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. He once spent $4.5 million to have lunch with Warren Buffet. He …
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