Tuesday, July 14, 2020

John McAfee Predicted Bitcoin’s Bull Run Two Weeks Ago, Says Bear Market is Over

John McAfee, founder of McAfee Associates is extremely bullish when it comes to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. After revealing that he will be running his presidential campaign while on exile, the British-American computer programmer still has one or two things to say about the current price of Bitcoin.

John McAfee Makes Reference to His Prediction Two Weeks Ago

McAfee on April 2nd said when he had predicted that the bear market has ended, a lot of people did not take him seriously. According to the businessman, he was confident back then that the market has turned, and now, he is also confirming those same words he had spoken a few weeks ago.

McAfee also outlined that the bear market had hit its maximum, and as such, we can now expect a bullish trend.

Nevertheless, one cannot be too sure that this is the end of the end given that Bitcoin has exhibited similar trends in the past. The pattern is one where the market surges for a few days and then it declines.

McAfee’s Followers Make Comments

Followers of McAfee, on the other hand, had a similar or varying opinion from his. Some applauded his efforts, saying that it tallies with what they have in mind.

Alternatively, not everyone is bound to agree. A user pointed out that: “Maybe because you said that like ten times per month since the $20k price. And announced numerous random dates in summer last year.”

Another said:

McAfee also seems to have very many fans who are willing to follow his advice when it comes to the crypto sphere. The latter was evident in some people asking if a certain coin is good to buy or hodl at the moment. Some instances of this were:

Bitcoin Enthusiast Says Bitcoin Will Hit $1 by 2020’s End

This is not the first of McAfee’s prediction, given that on July 17, 2017, he said 1 Bitcoin will be valued at $500,000 by 2020’s end. However, when the market prices began to kick in November of the same year, he changed the figure to $1 million. To show his confidence, he further said he will eat his d”ck on national television if Bitcoin performs otherwise.

BTCNN on January 31 informed that his slogan for the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign is “Don’t Vote McAfee.” According to the Bitcoin enthusiast, the government has chained people and misinformed them. Nevertheless, he is here to set people free from the bondage by enlightening them about cryptocurrencies.

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