Sunday, June 16, 2019

Jeopardy Now Features Cryptocurrency Category

Jeopardy, the famous TV trivia game, included in its last program a category for cryptocurrencies. The super famous syndicated tv show that is running since the ’60s showed interesting cryptocurrency trivia. Although for some crypto fans these questions would be easy, the contestants had doubts. The contestants chose the category right at the end.

Jeopardy In Crypto

What is bitcoin? Jeopardy, one of the most popular icons of the American TV, has brought up cryptocurrencies as a trivia category. The show featured 5 questions related to the cryptocurrency issue, each one by the normal amounts that jeopardy does. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are getting slowly into mainstream culture.

But the contestants showed no love for it. They cycled through every question of almost every category before going to cryptocurrencies. This means that, while appearing in the show, cryptocurrencies are still far from popular. The questions that the contestants had to answer were:

$200: An altcoin is anything other than ____?

$400: This rapper killed Coinye.

$600: Each transaction is a block connected in these digital ledgers that enable crypto to work.

$800: This 3-letter chat app created a currency similar to its name Kin.

$1000: Which country created the Petro?

The last question triggered the “Daily Double”, a special event that lets the contestant risk a part of its money to win the double. Paradoxically, the question featured the Venezuela Petro. President Trump banned Americans from dealing in Petros earlier this year.

Luckily, every contestant answered the questions about cryptocurrencies correctly. This speaks well about the capacity of cryptocurrency media to communicate the phenomenon to the world. Although still seen as a sort of scam by some people, cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies In Popular Culture

However, this is not the first-time cryptocurrencies show themselves in popular culture. In fact, bitcoin is a favorite for TV shows like the Simpsons that have featured it several times. But these programs appeal to a younger audience. The special thing about cryptocurrencies being in a program like Jeopardy is the exposure it receives. But this is not the first time that bitcoin is in Jeopardy. Earlier this year it was featured as an answer to a question.

Jeopardy Now Features Cryptocurrency Category

Jeopardy is a historic show that has been in the air since 1960. It appeals to a very diverse audience of millions that watch it every day. So even elders and grannies will at least hear the word cryptocurrencies and will be interested in knowing more about it.

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