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Jack Dorsey Sells Famous ‘First Tweet’ as an NFT for $2.9 Million

Twitter CEO and tech entrepreneur, Jack Dorsey has sold his first-ever tweet for $2.9 million after putting up an NFT of it for auction a few weeks ago.

Dorsey shared a link to a platform called “Valuables” two weeks ago via a tweet. Bidding was to be made on the platform, and in just about 24 hours, the highest offer was $2.5 million—an offer from Malaysian businessman and CEO of Bridge Oracle, Sina Estavi overtaking tech entrepreneur Justin Sun’s $2 million bid.

The tweet which says, “just setting up my twttr” was posted on March 21, 2006, and was the first tweet on the social media platform following its inception on the same day.

The tweet was later sold to previously mentioned Malaysian businessman Sina Estavi for $2.9 million; afterward, the funds were converted to 50.875 Bitcoins and donated to charity.

Dorsey whose bio on his Twitter profile reads, “#bitcoin” has been an ardent supporter of Crypto Assets himself.

As a consequence, it wasn’t a surprising revelation to learn he aims to sell an NFT of his first tweet when he made the announcement. He noted that bidding would end on the 21st of March, the proceeds would be converted to Bitcoin and donated to GiveDirectly—a Nonprofit Organization in East Africa focused on helping families in penury.

An NFT [or Non-fungible Token] is a virtual asset that registers the ownership of a digital file (a GIF, a video, or in this case, a tweet) on a Blockchain ledger. It is called “Non-fungible” because the …
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