Ivendpay Allows You Purchase A Cup Of Coffee Using Gobyte Tokens

Ivendpay and Gobytes have reached a partnership that will see the installation of the vending machines across Malaysia and Israel to enable the citizens to make transactions using Gobyte cryptocurrency. This was revealed by Sergey Danilov, the CEO and founder of Ivendpay in a recent interview.

Ivendpay Partnership With Gobyte Token

According to the founder of Ivendpay, Sergey Danilov, the firm’s partnership with Gobyte will enable the vending machine to start accepting the Gobyte token – a cryptocurrency that is created to enable instant processing of payment in less than three seconds. Also, Gobyte GBX transactions attract no fee which makes it more convenient for micropayments and purchases through the vending machine.
Danilov also noted that the partnership between Ivendpay and Gobyte is stimulated by the high demand for universal services that aid paying for goods with cryptocurrency in everyday life. He also stated that the choice in favor of Gobyte was made because of the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency – designed for instant processing of micropayments with a small commission.
The Gobyte CEO, Hisyam Nasir stated that the first version of the Gobyte pay web platform has recently been released for integration with web hosting commerce modules and mobile apps, an innovation that will further enable the mobile devices to Ivendpay machine transactions to function smoothly.
One of the major obstacles to cryptocurrency use is the appropriate venture for usage as a currency. Where and how to spend crypto holding with appropriate structure available. This is what Gobyte partnership with the Ivendpay vending machine will be bringing to the Israelis and Malaysians as it offers them easy use of making a transaction using cryptocurrencies.
Gobyte is a fork of Dash cryptocurrency that enables vendors to provide monetary services. GoByte features the masternode technology, which provides to the network with a near-instant and secure payments as well as anonymous transactions. The near-instant payments known as InstantSend technology, average at 1.3 seconds per transaction. The goal of the cryptocurrency is aimed at creating a new economy around the blockchain.
Gobyte’s partnership with the vending machine is not the first of its type to enable crypto payment. In 2015, vending machines in Seattle were enabled to allow people to purchase marijuana using bitcoin. Also this year, a startup known as civic launched vending machine prototype for identifying if customers are 21 years and above before selling a beer in exchange for bitcoin.

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