Is Facebook Really Taking Over Coinbase?

Yesterday, it was reported that the social giant Facebook had altered their terms of service to allow again the introduction of a curated number of cryptocurrency related ads into his platform; this after being the first social platform that banned cryptocurrency related ads completely back in January, a move that some users applauded as a responsible action to protect users from misleading offers; but others despised and criticized it as an intromission into the user space action camp.
Regardless if it constitutes the former or the latter, there needs to be a reason for Facebook to take this action after having such a hard policy against these ads, mostly by the influence of Initial Coin Offerings, a kind of crowdfunding venture that lets users invest their money to get some tokens that fulfill some kind on function in exchange. These kinds of offerings are still banned from advertising, because some of them had been used to scam users and investors, overpromising and underdelivering. But the reason for this is that Facebook, according to an article published by the British journal The Independent, has always had a secret ambition for the cryptocurrency issue.
Last month, and maybe as an answer to the crisis that the social media giant faced with the privacy issues regarding the case on Cambridge Analitica, some management changes were made, and a blockchain exploratory group was established with a notorious member on its head. The head of the group was none other than David Marcus, a member of the Coinbase board. This is how the rumor of a supposed acquisition of Coinbase by Facebook started.
Such a move would not be so crazy: there is indeed a lack of a real supergiant in the world of cryptocurrencies, and Facebook tick all the boxes; t would be safer for them to buy an already established business than to start a platform from zero. But to say that an acquisition is imminent is to fool people around.

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