Iranian Cybersecurity Identifies Brazil As The Biggest Victim Of Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking has been prominent of recent, and Brazil is regarded as the country that has fallen victim of Coinhive crypto jacking the most, according to a report by the Iranian Cybersecurity Agency.
The prominence of crypto jacking has made most gadgets used for accessing internet unsafe from mining cryptocurrency without the consent of the owners of devices. This ranges on smartphones, tablets, PC among others.
Research on the extent of the impacts of this malicious act was detailed in the cybersecurity report. The agency accessed the impact level of the malicious act based on countries.
The interesting observation as portrayed through the report of the cybersecurity authority shows that Brazil tops the list of countries affected with Coinhive crypto jacking with the highest numbers of attacks recorded in the country.
The agency noted that the country had recorded 81,000 events of Coinhive crypto jacking attacks while stating the specific figures of attacks recorded. India is indicated to have recorded a total of 29,000, which puts the country on the second spot of most countries hit and Indonesia taking the third spot with 23,000 attacks with the malicious software. Meanwhile, Iran has recorded a total of 11,000 cases of Coinhive crypto jacking malware attacks.
Cryptojacking is illegal mining of cryptocurrency without the consent or awareness of the miner. This is usually run through malicious software used on websites with large audiences. This makes the visitors of the website to mine cryptocurrencies it is stationed to mine without their consent.
Coinhive is a crypto jacking software that aids the mining of Monero XMR cryptocurrency. The malicious use of the malware to attack systems has become very prominent recently with many cases recorded.
Recently, government websites in India were discovered to have been infiltrated by the malicious software. Many websites are unaware of the malicious acts while some are aware. About 300 websites worldwide were revealed in a study in May to have been infected with malicious malware.
Cybersecurity experts have revealed recently that the trend of crypto jacking is bound to spread to many parts of the world. This procedure usually makes a system slow or consume a lot of power, which makes it noticeable at times.

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