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IOTA Partners with Cartesi to Stengthen DeFi Use Cases

The chain-agnostic Layer-2 infrastructure, Cartesi, has partnered with the IOTA Foundation to expand the use cases of DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. Additionally, both parties aim to serve as the bridge between traditional technological solutions and blockchain.
Cartesi Collaborates with IOTA
Headquartered in Germany, the IOTA Foundation is a global not-for-profit establishment focusing on research and development of new blockchain solutions. The popular project has recently partnered with Cartesi – the Layer-2 infrastructure aiming to solve the “pressing problem of scalability on the most important blockchains.”
The statement reads that both organizations will focus on implementing improvements within some of the most popular fields of the cryptocurrency industry as of late.
More specifically, they will bring together existing solutions to “expand the user base of DeFi use cases, such as automated market makers (AMMs), gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and oracles.” At the same time, they will strengthen IOTA’s ability to offer decentralized technologies to large corporations.
Furthermore, both parties will employ Cartesi’s Linux-based virtual machine, IOTA Oracles, and IOTA Smart Contracts to bring “non-blockchain-based use cases and businesses” into the aforementioned areas and industrial Internet of Things.
“From the early days, Cartesi and IOTA have been exchanging thoughts and studying the best ways to collaborate. After several technical meetings over the last years, we see an integration path forward that will bring tremendous opportunities for DeFi, Gaming, NFT, and industrial IoT.” – commented Cartesi CEO Erick de Moura.
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