Interview with OKEx CEO Jay Hao and Unstoppable Domains Founder Brad Kam

Recently, OKEx integrated Unstoppable Domains into its crypto wallet system to improve the overall user experience and enable faster payments from peer to peer. To discuss the groundbreaking partnership and how custom crypto wallet addresses will impact the future of the industry, we’re speaking with OKEx CEO Jay Hao and Unstoppable Domains Founder Brad Kam. To get started, we’d like to thank you for the opportunity to speak to our audience about the integration.
Can you tell us a little bit about how the collaboration came to light?
Jay Hao: OKEx has long-admired the work of Unstoppable Domains in enabling cheaper and faster payments and making cryptocurrency more accessible to everyday people. We also share in a joined belief that onboarding people to cryptocurrency should be as easy as possible. It was therefore a natural collaboration for us.
Brad Kam:
Thanks, Jay. Likewise, we’ve seen OKEx as a leader in innovation for the blockchain industry and exchanges. We felt that this was a natural fit in allowing users to easily get onboarded to crypto. It’s important for exchanges like OKEx to leverage human-readable names as the standard method of introducing new users because it removes any initial fear of using cryptocurrencies.
How do the custom addresses Unstoppable Domains provide break down barriers to crypto adoption?
Jay Hao: User experience is still one of the major barriers to mass adoption. Although the crypto industry has made great strides in improving this, unless we can make sending payments …
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