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Interview: The Great Wealth Transfer With Mark Moss

The hosts of “Fed Watch” picked the brain of entrepreneur Mark Moss about bitcoin as an asset class, fiscal policy in the U.S. and what the future has in store.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:AppleSpotifyGoogleLibsynOvercastIn this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Fed Watch” podcast, Christian Keroles and Ansel Lindner spoke with ​Mark Moss who is a serial entrepreneur with a specialty in real estate and investing. They picked his brain about bitcoin as an asset class, monetary and fiscal policy in the U.S. and what the future in 12 to 24 months has in store.”Fed Watch” has established itself as the bitcoin podcast that goes past the surface arguments about the monetary system and always dives deeply into how bitcoin integrates into that system. Moss is the perfect guest to give a cohesive view and back it up. His videos on YouTube are full of detailed analysis of relevant concepts and the history to go along with them. Here, Moss showed his displeasure of the current system. He thinks there is a coming great wealth transfer that will benefit bitcoin dramatically. Moss said that he sees high inflation and a systemic breakdown coming soon due to several factors. Lindner and Keroles pressed him for more clarity. Is there a tipping point we will unmistakably notice in the future? What if velocity never picks up and inflation in most of the economy is muted for an extended period?Lindner, Keroles and Moss spent the next 15 minutes …
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