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Interview: Reflections On Satoshi With Adam Back And Pete Rizzo

Pete Rizzo discussed the earliest days of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto’s influence with Blockstream’s Adam Back.

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This week for the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” we have a replay of last week’s interview between Adam Back and Pete Rizzo on Satoshi’s legacy. Back is the cofounder and CEO of Blockstream and the inventor of proof of work.

Back reflected on discovering Bitcoin and searching for the best information about it in the early days. He worked hard to understand the technical components as well as all of Satoshi’s writings about Bitcoin. Back is not a fan of over-glorifying Satoshi or quoting them, as he doesn’t believe it is as important for individuals to learn from Satoshi’s thinking as it is for them to define Bitcoin based on the product and network itself.

Back and Rizzo reflected on the differences between the stated intent of the Bitcoin project, what is actually being built and how Satoshi contributed to that ethos. Enjoy this wide ranging conversation on Satoshi’s authority, influence and legacy.

Topics discussed include:

  1. How Adam started to try and understand what Bitcoin was
  2. Is there any value in understanding what Satoshi thought about Bitcoin?
  3. The aversion in the Bitcoin development community about speaking about Satoshi
  4. How, under Satoshi, Bitcoin had a very different development model
  5. Bitcoin Core is today more of a meritocracy. So, why does Bitcoin need a meritocracy?
  6. Satoshi has been gone for 10 years. Is Nakamoto still influential in Bitcoin today?
  7. It’s been said that nobody understands Bitcoin. Was it possible for Satoshi to understand Bitcoin?
  8. The biggest mistake that Satoshi Nakamoto made in building Bitcoin
  9. Was it necessary to remove Satoshi ?
  10. Where does Satoshi Nakamoto rank in terms of the biggest intellectual contributors to Bitcoin
  11. Why do you think Satoshi hasn’t moved their Bitcoin

Article First Published on Bitcoin Magazine

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