International Women's Day: Recognizing Women Actively Engaged in the Blockchain Industry

2019’s International women’s day has the theme “Balance for Better.” The campaign seeks to drive gender balance across the world. Specifically, it centers on how women can take an active part in certain industries that are populated by men. While awareness for gender equality is being created, it is worthy to note the achievements of certain ladies in the blockchain industry.

Women are Gradually Entering Sectors Large Populated by Men

Women are gradually taking part in sectors that were once known to be a field for only men. However, it has been noted that they still make up a minority in these sectors. McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm reports that ladies occupy only 19% of C-Suite positions in financial services companies. Likewise, 15% of blockchain companies were founded by women, and 9 percent of those engaged in the blockchain community are women.
Forbes, on the other hand, has pointed out some ladies that have immensely contributed to the blockchain industry. Some of them are Eileen Lowry, Global Director of the IBM Blockchain Garage and Kathryn Harrison, Director of IBM Blockchain. Others are Anne Ahola Ward, CEO of Veritoken Global and Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs.

Kathryn Harrison and Eileen Lowry Make Comments

Kathryn Harrison helps startups and enterprises who seek to use the blockchain to launch their projects. She also leads the teams that are focused on Hyperledger Fabric and the IBM blockchain platform.
While speaking to the media, Harrison said as more client engagements are built from different industries, more knowledge is gained on what is required to start a blockchain network as well as “how to govern and run it when you have nodes across different organizations with different requirements.”
She added that:

The reality is that technology can go very far, but there is still the human element of governance with blockchain.

Lowry, on the other hand, leads the IBM Blockchain Labs team whose focus is lab and garage services. According to her, clients are spoken to about their business network problems. They are also given the necessary help that will enable them to understand the use cases of the blockchain.
Lowry also said:

We work with customers in all capacities, from startups to large enterprises, bringing them all together to help solve network problems that lack trust and transparency.

Anne Ahola Ward Makes Contribution to the Blockchain Sector

Asides these two, contributions have also been made by Anne Ahola Ward, CEO of Veritoken Global and IBM Futurist. The CEO, who is also known as the “Mother of Startups,” has made efforts to foster the adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). She also has a passion for emerging technology.
In the same vein, BTCNN on December 9 informed that Kerala Blockchain Academy, a private institution in India had launched a platform, Blockchain Women Connect. The platform seeks to give women role models in the industry to encourage them to get the same skills.