In Life And In Bitcoin, Organization Makes A Winner

Bitcoiners organize themselves to their most organic state with a level of freedom that could only have been dreamt of until now.”How do you think the Romans kicked everyone’s ass, for nearly a thousand years?” -Michael Saylor, “The Saylor Series” Episode FiveBitcoin shall experience an organizational renaissance not yet seen in the space. As we approach new levels of adoption and usage, we will naturally form groups, categories and units. The structure of our operations and expansion will, of course, be decentralized in origin. But while these organizational pieces will be inherently “institutional,” the actual effect they have on the network will not be restrictive. They won’t limit or control the Bitcoin network, as many of the current financial institutions act as chokepoints and limited-access custodians.Rather, these groups will only bolster the strength of the network, as they are formed out of economic incentive and natural market forces, rather than politics, as so much of the current financial system is. They will represent a diversity of people natural to an open-source, unbiased computer program. In a Bitcoin world, decisions are not made on the basis of who you know or where you come from, but on what you know and how you got here.”When they put their petty differences aside… they beat everybody else.”-Michael Saylor, “The Saylor Series”I don’t see too many petty differences in the Bitcoin community. Some would argue the opposite, but I think taking a broader perspective will present one with a …
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