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In France, You Can Now Buy Bitcoins At Tobacco Stores

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Kerplek Consults With Hardware Provider to Launch POS Terminals

Kerplek, a French Fintech group made this possible after consulting with a cash-register software provider to add a voucher processing feature on POS terminals. These terminals are then used in stores to sell Bitcoin voucher to customers. The voucher can be used to redeem Bitcoin on the Kerplek’s website.

Presently, 6 out of 24,000 licensed tobacco shops are currently trading vouchers for this cryptocurrency. Adil Zakhar, Kerplek’s Group Strategy Director, revealed that there are plans to incorporate 6,500 shops by February. If that happens, people will have a wide range of locations to purchase Bitcoin in Paris.

Eliminating the Difficulties of Buying Bitcoin Online

Adi also noted the difficulties people sometimes face when trying to buy this digital asset online. He added that there is a higher level of trust when it comes to dealing with Tabacs in comparison to buying from an anonymous website. As a result, people’s confidence will be boosted, and the use of this asset will be encouraged.

Cyril Azria, a crypto enthusiast who is one of the first clients to patronize the new service made comments. The 45-year-old after spending 150 euros to buy Bitcoin said he intends using the Bitcoin to buy hardware equipment on the internet and to speculate. In Cyril’s opinion, “It’s a good time to buy.”

Central Bank Had Said Sales of Bitcoins Had Not Been Endorsed

It can be recalled that the Fédération des Buralistes, France’s tobacco federation had obtained approval to offer Bitcoin for sale at these stores. However, the Central Bank in November said they did not approve the sales. They had also pointed out that Kerplek was not being supervised by them.

Asides the promotion of this virtual currency in France, other locations that have adopted the Bitcoin include Ohio, Texas. After France’s announcement, this U.S. state began accepting Bitcoin for tax payment. So far, a company has registered to pay its taxes. There are expectations that in 2019, more developments on this nature will arise based on the predictions of crypto experts.

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