10/21/2018: weBloc

weBloc is a revolutionary advertising system that seeks to shift the importance of the advertising business from the publishers and advertisers to the users. In fact, the users are the ones that make or break the advertisement business. That is why weBlock contemplates users to get rewards from the advertisements that they are willing to watch. weBloc is also special because they are the official advertising partner of the ICON network.

weBloc partnerships with ICON

The ICON network is a cryptocurrency project that was born in South Korea, and whose very existence is based into decentralize the access to a blockchain by having a collection of blockchains interconnected between them: something that they call loopchains.
weBloc in its nascent stages will allow advertisers to provide their ads into the ecosystem. These ads will be targeted or not, depending on the preference of the provider and the input that they want to have according to it. Users will be rewarded accordingly with their conduct ad the information recovered about the opinion that they had on an ad.
So, weBloc is a tokenized advertising market that publishers will use to push their ads to users that will search them according to their choices and preferences that will also be stated in the platform.

Why Yet Another Advertising Market

The interesting thing about weBloc lies in the delivery of the apps via DApps and also about the Abuse control system that will be enforced to avoid automation on the user side. a lot of advertising delivery systems cannot have an efficient performance because several users cheat constantly by using several techniques to avoid seeing ads.
For its investment, the project only accepts ITX, the cryptocurrency of the ICON network. A thing that is most weird in cryptocurrency ICOs. Nonetheless, ICON offers its very wallet to buy and spend ICX into this offer. By being the official ICOn advertising partner, it will provide ads to every ad- prone Dapps that will run in the icon blockchain, a thing that is most welcome if you believe in the ICON platform.

To Invest Or Not?

The project has been backed up by several sponsors that have already put their money behind the project in the pre-sale offer. This project is KYC compliant and to invest in it you must not be an American Citizen or come from countries that are under UD sanctions like Venezuela.
To know more about their business model and invest in this ICO, go to their official website and read their white paper.

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