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11/04/2018: Hintchain

The food industry has grown so much in size but still has not grown much in efficiency. Products are slung into the market with just a little research about how the customer will view them and taste them. Manufacturers still do not have a databank to predict accurately the reaction of a customer to the flavor of a food. This causes the market to be flooded with products that will likely never sell, with the associated waste disaster. This is where Hintchain comes in.

Hintchain Gives The Hint

Hintchain is presented as a data collecting platform with a focus on food, where users can show and post dishes and also review and qualify dishes of others users. The food industry processes today are as complicated as ever: from production to distribution it is all a big mess. Hintchain seeks to simplify all this process by presenting dishes to the users and letting them qualify them to really see if the product has a market available.

Many of the problems that the food industry has today derive of the impossibility of the current methods to really find what the consumer will buy, with the problem of “cold products” filling thousands of spaces that could be occupied by other wanted products. This is where Hintchain is reliable: it offers the food merchants two things:

First, a food and taste profile that can be pretty useful to see which tastes are preferred and in which commercialization regions. In that way, distribution can be more effective, taking products to regions that will consume them faster. And second, a list of products that the user has purchased to guide themselves through peoples preferences.

Hintchain Compensation And Apps

Hintchain is just a platform per se. It does not have a default app to manage or a default implementation. It does have an extensive set of food industry partners that will design applications to take advantage of the platform. The whole set of information will be securely stored in the blockchain in a safe way.

Consumers will benefit from the platform by collecting Hint power that will let them buy Hint Tokens. Hint Tokens will be used to pay in associated merchants and also will be able to trade or other cryptocurrencies in exchanges. The food enterprise will benefit from having all this crowdfunded information to guide themselves in many significant ways.

There is a really interesting purpose behind this Initial Coin Offering, that seeks to maximize food production while minimizing food waste. The ICO starts on November 11. To know more about them, visit them here.

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