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12/02/2018: Hey

The internet has gone south these last days. With more and more people trying to censor opinions and show only what you want to see, it is not such a free place anymore. What was envisioned as a peer to peer free network, has nor turned into a one-sided mirror. Still, in this day an age, pages beside social networks are static. Our ICO of the month, Hey, comes to solve that.

Hey: Blockchain Social Network

Hey is a blockchain based social network that will provide censorship free opinions all over the internet. With Hey, anyone can give his opinion about a specific site without being exposed to site owners. Sites like Amazon and retail giants often delete or modify users reviews about their services. This with the objective of being more attractive to their usual customers.

ICO Of The Week: Hey

Hey is the way to overcome all these ways that developers and third parties have to censor opinions in the heat of the web. Hey presents itself as a social network embedded in every page of the internet. Integrated with your browser, it takes the form of a plugin that overlays in every page by injecting a custom code. In this way, participants can chatter, detail and criticize contents offered.

This approach has many benefits: it lets users share their ideas on the page without nobody else knowing. reviews of products that could be removed will stay in the blockchain based network. Pages that have certain malware hidden and present security risks to the internet community can also be called out.

Social Network Capabilities

Besides all this, Hey is also a social network, so it has also all the particularities of a network of these sorts. Yo can follow users that you like, to keep up with their content. Hey will present a personalized feed that will only show your curated and liked content. The content will also reward you. You can win trophies by your good actions and deeds in the community.

The Hey network will finance itself with advertising campaigns. Given the way that this platform can show content independently from the web page that it shows, it is really a good approach to advertising. Many times advertisers are not allowed to put certain adds in some pages. This due to different concepts managed by published for every site. There is a great opportunity with a platform like that in this regard.

If you want to know more about the hey project, visit them here.

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