10/28/2018: nOS

Decentralized applications, or as they are called, Dapps, are one of the most interesting things about blockchain at this moment. As rivals of the traditional internet “client-server” apps, they offer some advantages that their counterparts cannot offer. Decentralization and resilience are part of this advantages. But the development and the deployment of this Dapps also face different roadblocks. nOS seeks to address this set of challenges.
nOS defines itself as a virtual operating system for the decentralized internet. In reality, nOS is a series of tools that will let decentralized application developers code and debug applications easier, a decentralized market app, and a token exchange.
nOS presents a set of features that seek both sides of the development equation (clients and developers) to be comfortable and enjoy the world of decentralized apps in a simple way. For developers, there is an isolated test and development environment that allows them to run its applications without having to worry about security issues. nOS is token agnostic also, so if the app needs to use ethereum or any token in the backend, there is no problem. nOS supports it all.
Discoverability is also a great problem of Dapps. As they are scattered around the internet, there is little hope of a customer discovering an app that they have no idea it even exists. So nOS has a decentralized app store that will serve as a hub for these Dapps, in order for potential customers and users to find them and try them out.
The ranking in the decentralized app store will be managed through staking coins (nOS), a thing that they call decentralized authority. The system protects itself from scams and false ratings via a tiered rating system that takes various factor into account to rate an app, and users are incentivized to vote responsibly by giving rewards.
This project is indeed a rare one; most ICOs are focused in other far more simple things; given the complexity of this project and the goals it wants to achieve, it has gained a lot of hype. With this new tool, NEO developers would have a far easier way of developing, test and deploy decentralized apps in the future.
It is backed by a responsible, qualified team that are mostly employees of a startup called the City Of Zion, and they have extensive development expertise, something that is a must for this kind of Initial Coin Offering project. If you want to know more about them, visit their site here.

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