12/09/2018: iTrue

iTrue is a platform that aims to resolve the issue of online identity authentification and the personal data associated with it. In today’s world, the id of a user can (and in fact, it is) in hands of myriad businesses, every one profiting differently from this. Advertising agencies use profile info to personalize ads to your interests. iTrue comes to stop that, and propose an ecosystem where everybody wins.

iTrue platform

The iTrue platform comes to be an effective formula to secure your data in an unbreachable way. This because the system uses a combination of blockchain and distributed blockchain to save your ID info in a secure blockchain. With ID info locked away in a secure environment, companies won’t be able to profit from it without request. But this approach to security is much broader than blockchain. The platform won’t save a password or an id number, it will save biometrics.
ICO Of The Week: iTrue
The iTrue system will use a secure login tech called FacePass. This technique uses the particularities of every face to identify and discern one person to another. Most authentication techniques use several things to make a login more secure, but this also makes the login process more tedious and time-consuming. iTrue just lets you get in with a glimpse of your face.

Advantages Of iTrue Over Other Systems

iTrue presents several advantages over other conventional authentication systems: the data from the user gets stored in a secure blockchain. In this way, the only way to access it is with permission of the owner. While centralized blockchains are normally much faster, they are also prone to error and downtime. Decentralized systems like iTrue are always online because the info is distributed in several computers at the same time.
ICO Of The Week: iTrue
Users can also monetize data using this system because third parties need to get their authorization to access their registries. in this way, users are in direct control of their data. The iTrue authentification system will be available for developers to integrate into their apps. No need for a self-developed system that can use a big amount of resources.
iTrue also has a great advantage over other security and id systems. it is keyless, so devices directed to implement it can be very compact and simple, only requiring a webcam for its use.
If you want to know more about his project, you can go to their website here, or read their whitepaper here.