10/14/2018: Caspian

Cryptocurrency trading is a serious business for certain people. Pro traders that use all kinds of solutions and utilities that let them centralize their operations to do business in an efficient way are always looking for better options and platforms. Caspian aims to do this and more: to be a centralized hub for all of the trading that you need to do. Caspian is an upcoming ICO that focuses in being a complete suite of tools to treat all stages of trading in one package.
In a nutshell, Caspian is a collection of tools that will make your laife easier when trading in a vast number of exchanges: the tools that Caspian offers are six, each one directed to solve a specific problem in the lifecycle of trading.
OEMS: The Order Execution management system is the paltform that lets the trader run order along several exchanges withouth headaches and in a seamless manner. Just pion and click and several order will be run in multiple exchanges at your command. no need to visit every exchange to imput the same number of orders in a tiresome way.
PMS. The portfolio management system lets you track the state of your positions across multiple exchanges and see the movement of them in real time. This is really useful because it sumarizes the state of your investemnt in one modeule and lets you make quick changes when you need to.
Compliance: Compliance of orders and rules does not have to be a pain anymore. The system checks automatically for compliance orders in your whole portfolio to ensure that everything is ok with fully auditable logs.
Risks: With the caspian risk management tools, you will be able to run simulations according to past data and see how your poftfolio could behave , and make movements in your investemnt according to it.
Reporting: Yuo will be able to run reports on basically everything that there is on your portfolio. Orders, price changes, total valuation. everything to see exported to a PDF or Excel document for your viewing and consideration.
Algorithms: This is the nicest part of caspian. They claim that they have  aseries of algorithms that can effectively improve yourtrading performance by inteligently spreading your orders acroos several exchanges maximizing your profits takinfg fees in acount. this would be the AI component of the system.
We coulds say that it is yet another trading hub, but there is something else about it. Also, they have already funded the project almost entirely with their pre sale earnings, something that gives much confidence about the future of this project. The AI component of the system is an interesting thing, but we have reservations about how it could result.
Caspian has been reviewed by many ICO valuation platforms finding that the team is solind and the basic premise of the system is really a case of use for traders that seek a centralized hub for all their movements. If you want to know more about Caspian, visit their website to see your investement oportunities.

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