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12/23/2018: ATPC

While payment systems have evolved a lot since their invention, ATPC proposal is a new one that seeks to integrate a slew of services under an open blockchain platform with a proprietary p2p system. In this way, businesses and users can enjoy The benefits of these new technologies, and also be sure that their data while being in the open, is under custody.

What is ATPC?

ATPC is a new attempt to integrate various cryptocurrency services under a single blockchain and various dapps to offer a single, one size fits all comprehensive solution for customers and businesses. Cryptocurrencies have advanced a lot in this area, but still lack the speed and trust that centralized payment processors offer, even with all the limitations and traits that they have.

ATPC comes from the consonants of the word ATIPICO, that in Italian means “not typical”, and this is the work that this company has been doing since their start in 1996. With great recognition in that country, they have not set their eyes on providing an all-round blockchain based solution for many commerces out there that still lack a working, high-end tech solution.

Blockchain Tech for Payments

ATPC seeks to substitute many of the traditional payment methods that still are in full force in Italy with a whole new blockchain solution that makes payment fees cheaper, and also supports almost instant settlement times, not depending on third-party institutions to do this.

While bank derived transactions still have to pass through a validation phase that is determined by the time of operation of these institutions, ATPC new system has all this info embedded on their blocks, allowing for easy and quick transactions complying with the law and KYC policies in all instances. This makes it a really useful project that complements cryptocurrencies that don’t have this kind of functionality embedded.

The ATPC system will include smart contracts to fulfill every function that is deemed needed in the commercial environment, and the ATPC coin will be in the center of all of it. With it, you will be able to issue debit cards, credit cards, POS terminals, and cryptocurrency payments through their same blockchain. Their wallpaper says that they will be integrated on the Ethereum network at their initial phase, but they will migrate in later phases to a blockchain built on their own. ATPC Initial Coin Offering will start on December 24. If you want to know more about them, visit them at their official page here.

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