IBM’s Files Patent for Blockchain-Based AR Helper System

Famous tech giant IBM has recently filed a patent that seems to evolve around blockchain-based AR Helper System in order to prevent players of augmented reality (AR) games from entering physical stratosphere which is considered undesirable.

IBM’s Blockchain Patent

“High-risk locations, culturally sensitive locations, locations marked by property owners.” are examples cited by the company in the patent. What is augmented reality (AR)? It is a technology which stands out for adding layers to physical reality. Zombie GO and Pokemon Go are examples of AR-based games. However, beyond games, AR can be further explored, for instance; the tech can be used for displaying historical views of locations.
It is apparent that IBM has a motive behind its patent as the company’s target is to use this technology to improve the political and actual use of AR in the physical stratosphere. This is to prevent collisions of AR with locations that are not desirable by either party. It is Exigent to note that an attack vector in location-based AR games is when “actors or users maliciously profile a location for different purposes (e.g., misleading game players by falsifying the profile of a location where the ARC can be placed).”

IBM Wants to Keep AR Players Out of Trouble

In the patented system, Blockchain would be used to adequately record and store information as regards locations used in such games and systems. This implies that the system would have to verify/validate any location related to a transaction. Obviously, the blockchain system tracks, stores, and maintains location related transactions along with other location metadata securely. In a nutshell, a blockchain is a database with requisite capacity to maintain a consistently-growing tamper-proof and revisable data records.
The system consists of data structure blocks which hold exclusive data in previous blockchain implementations. Both data and program are the latest implementations, with each block holding batches of transactions by individual and results of any blockchain executable. In the practical sense, each block contains a timestamp as well as information that links it to the initial block.
Aside from that, it would accommodate a neural network learning the result of interactions in several locations including the recording of data in the blockchain used.
Where does the risk prediction come into play? The risk prediction can occur based on the rules that were learned from by the cognitive network from initial transactions in the blockchain, for instance; complaints against users and so on. It is likely for the cognitive neural network to recognize potential risks of users with varying degrees of confidence simply by running the learned rules on more recent patterns of user movements.
Filing a patent is definitely a bold move and a step closer to the release of the product as it usually takes years before the product release. Over the years, IBM has been showing some flair for blockchain technology with various patent evolving around the ingenious innovation.

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