IBM Turns To Blockchain And Cloud To Stay Relevant: Times Do Change

IBM, the once powerful hardware giant, has been changing the focus of its business to keep afloat and stay relevant in the long run. Since the golden days of computing, till the mobile revolution that we are experiencing today, they have done it all. But as tough as it can be, times do change, and luckily IBM leadership has been smart enough to steer the ship in the right direction to keep afloat.

IBM Background

IBM was one of the pioneering companies in the computing business at a worldwide level. Since the creation of the first batch computer, the Mark I, till the ubiquitous line of Thinkpads that plague enterprise environments today, they have been present all the way.
Mobile computing, mainframes, servers, storage, A.I., software… there is no end to the list of aspects that IBM has touched in the more than 100 years of its operation. The influence of Big Blue on the design and conception of personal computers as we know them today is undeniable.
But even legends can’t live of memories, and in the latest years, IBM had been having rough times posting losses here and there, even endangering the permanence of the company in the long run. This until the company understood the new direction that the market was taking and decided to act accordingly.

Steering The Ship

Jim Kavanaugh, the new Chief Financial Officer of IBM promised Wall Street a new business focus for the informatic giant, with a new interest on Cloud, decentralized technologies, blockchain, and even recently, cryptocurrencies.
At first, it seemed like they were just capitalizing on the buzz that cryptocurrency and blockchain word added into the mix. But, IBM has been carving a name for themselves in the cloud and blockchain department, managing and designing a number of important decentralized project for a myriad of companies.
And it seems that this has made them rebound in the financial side of things because they have managed to stop the bleeding this year until the third quarter that made them slip a bit.

IBM Push For Blockchain

The number of blockchain projects that IBM has been associated to in the last months is awesome by any means. Not only the quantity but also the quality of these projects is what surprises us.
Jus to name one, there is the blockchain system that will be used by Walmart to trace the origin of foods and the quality and freshness of it. This is a great use for blockchain that shows that there is life for blockchain outside the cryptocurrency world.
But IBM has also dabbed in the cryptocurrency business, also backing up with technical support the creation of a new stablecoin earlier this year, a thing that also tells they are not shy of getting into crypto stuff.

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