HTC Exodus One: The CryptoPhone That Will Be Sold Only For Crypto

HTC Exodus One: The CryptoPhone will be sold only for cryptocurrencies, according to an interview made by CNBC to an HTC chair, Phil Chen. With this move, HTC expects to target the phone to the core audiences that it was designed to appeal. The phone was announced earlier this year, and while it was known that it was going to be a flagship device, its hardware specs were not clear at the moment. The phone acts also as a stand-alone hardware cryptocurrency wallet to secure your funds.

HTC Exodus One: The CryptoPhone

It seemed incredible that no other big phone manufacturer had not put its eyes on a cryptocurrency phone yet. The link between phones and cryptocurrency seems so natural because phones can be used as a mobile wallet that users can take anywhere. But it seems that the crowd was pleased with software solutions and online wallets.
Those are useful, but a real cryptocurrency trader/enthusiast knows that these systems can be bypassed and are vulnerable to be seized. The only way of being sure that you hold your cryptocurrency is to hold your own private keys.
That is where the HTC Exodus One: The CryptoPhone comes in. With flagship hardware specs and running Android, for the non-crypto savvy, is just another cute and fast phone. But for the trained cryptocurrency enthusiast is so much more. And its price tag makes you remember it.

What’s The Fuzz?

There have been many talks about what this phone will do or will not do. HTC Exodus One: the CryptoPhone is an amalgam of two appliances fused into one and integrated. A normal flagship phone, running HTC’s version of Android; and also a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.
As a phone, it has great specs and also is visually striking, something classical about HTC’s new generation phones. With a leading, state of the art system on chip and lots of memory and in-phone storage, it packs a heavy punch. As a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, it integrates well with the phone. The wallet system is separated from the Android OS for security measures. “Think of it as a micro OS that runs in parallel with Android,” said Phil Cheng.
To him, this could be the only way of securing a phone that runs an insecure, centralized OS like Android.

How Much?

The surprising thing came when Chen announced that the only way of acquiring this phone would be using cryptocurrencies. Yup, that is right. This is a measure to point this phone into the right kind of consumer that will really appreciate it.
The phone will be sold for $960 in bitcoin or ethereum. This price reflects the premium that crypto fans would have to pay to own one of these devices. It is already available for presale. So if you are in the hunt for a wallet and a phone, this could be a great deal.

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