How to Crypto Like the Experts

Let’s face it. The cryptocurrency industry is complicated. Ranging from the sheer number of cryptocurrencies to the pace of development, a massive amount of hype, and a complete overload of information, it can be difficult to cut through the mist to get to grips with the industry. But those that do find themselves in an industry full of opportunity — which would be difficult to find in such abundance elsewhere. With that in mind, we take a look at how you can fast-track your progress and crypto like the pros in no time.
Use a Hardware-Powered Wallet

Image courtesy: Coin Wallet
As you are likely aware, most cryptocurrencies have experienced what can only be described as meteoric growth in recent months, with the average cryptocurrency gaining close to 1,000% in the last year alone. For those that use and transact with cryptocurrencies regularly, this has undoubtedly been a welcome turn of events — but many investors have found themselves struggling to balance keeping their funds accessible and liquid, with staying secure. After all, with opportunities abound, but scams also prevalent, it’s important to ensure your funds are protected.
Right now, arguably the most efficient way to do this is by using a so-called hardware-powered cryptocurrency wallet. Unlike regular hardware wallets alone — which can be cumbersome and inefficient — a hardware-powered wallet benefits from the best of both worlds, with usability and security found in equal measure.
Coin Wallet, a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet available on mobile and desktop platforms, is currently one of …
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