How to Check Bitcoin Transactions on the Blockchain

Outlined below, are the simple steps on how to check Bitcoin transactions on the Blockchain. Whether you’ve sent or received payment days, weeks, or months ago, it can still be tracked thanks to the advancements in modern technology. Now, work with us and we’ll show you how to begin.

First off, your ability to view successfully completed transactions lies in the public nature of the blockchain. It allows prying eyes to see how much was sent, when, the transacting address, number of confirmations, and even transaction fees. That is why we can tell apart the most popular Bitcoin transactions of all time. On the other hand, your ability to access this feature lies in the Blockchain explorer.

What is Blockchain Explorer?

Blockchain explorer is an online tool that enables you to explore blocks and completed transactions. The block displays information such as height (number of blocks connected to the blockchain), age (when it was mined), miner (the person who confirmed the transaction), and bytes (total block size).

The transactions, on the other hand, provide information pertaining to the amount that was transferred in Bitcoin and its dollar equivalent in real time. The explorer also shows you a number of completed transactions that were made to such an address. Most importantly, the status of the transaction if it is confirmed or unconfirmed.

How to Check Bitcoin Transactions on the Blockchain

Now that’s out of the way, let’s head to why you’re really here.

How to Check Status of Bitcoin Transactions on Blockchain

Different options have been provided to ensure that whether the transaction was made by you or a stranger, you can still trace them.

Option 1: Access Transactions Directly from the Blockchain Explorer

What do you need to begin? The address which payment was sent to or received from. If you are the sender and wish to ascertain whether your payments have been successfully confirmed or the number of confirmations, then you need payment address your funds were sent to. Copy it and do the following:

  • Head to (you can also try out services such as,, and
  • Paste the payment address on the search bar
  • Hit the enter key

It’s as simple as that!

But hey, i don’t have the payment address, how else can i track such payments?

Read on to find out!

Option 2: Access Transactions Directly from Your Wallet

You can still check the status of your transaction by logging into your Blockchain wallet or any other Bitcoin wallet you are using. On it, you will see a list of your most completed transactions. Clicking on either of these will automatically open the transaction details on the Blockchain explorer.

While these methods will allow you to check completed transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain, a similar process can be employed to check those made with Ethereum and other ERC20 based tokens. In this case, the Ethereum Blockchain explorer will be used.

Do you have a transaction whose proceedings you’ll like to confirm? then go ahead and try out these steps on how to check Bitcoin transactions on the Blockchain as outlined above.

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