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How crypto donations are helping victims of the Texas winter storm

“We intend to accept donations via cryptocurrency essentially forever,” said the Austin Disaster Relief Network’s chief financial officer.
There is a running gag among many Texans that anytime someone drops a cup filled with ice, it’s enough of a reason to cancel school — major winter storms are so rare that authorities don’t often have the means to clear and salt icy streets. However, what happened last month in the Lone Star State was no joke. Millions of people experienced a week-long storm with sub-zero temperatures, many impassable streets, burst water pipes, and days without power. In mid-February, The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, had been forced to shut down large areas of the state’s independent power grid, leading to people burning furniture, bundling up with every piece of clothing they owned, or pitching tents in their living rooms to stay warm. Want to know how cold it is in Texas? Check out this photo from Thomas Black. The ceiling fan INSIDE his Dallas apartment is frozen solid, with icicles hanging off it. : Thomas Black— Michael Pegram (@MichaelNBC12) February 17, 2021
Water was one of the biggest concerns. As temperatures dropped below freezing overnight and stayed there for days, many homes and apartments flooded, completely destroyed by water damage, leading to people displaced in the middle of a storm in which many roads were unsafe and stores unable to provide basic necessities, cut off from supply trucks.Unfortunately for Texas, the now rising temperatures — …
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