Nearly ten years into failed fiscal and monetary policy experiments, when trust in institutions is ebbing near an all-time low, the rationale for holding bitcoin has never been stronger. Yet, many people are neutral and non-reactive on the matter, giving credence to the current state of affairs instead of challenging the very narrative that is gambling everyones’ future for small gains today.
With Inflation Historically Behind the Collapse of Economic Empires, Bitcoin Offers A Way Out
Many people point to the last financial crisis of 2008-2009 as the juncture where moral hazard reached a tipping point.
For those unfamiliar with the phrase, moral hazard represents the idea that when an entity knows it will be protected against the risks it takes, it will take outsized risks with the full knowledge that any failure will result in no meaningful consequences.
Instead of punishing the instigators and culprits behind the last crash, too-big-to-fail organizations and governments were propped up and bailed out by taxpayers. Unfortunately, redrawing the boundaries of moral hazard didn’t create fewer risks but rather more.
In the time since, interest rates around the globe have plunged to near or below 0%, resulting in an ideology whereby money printing can solve any and every problem. Now, with global debt totals hitting fresh new highs, the printing press turning at full speed, and inflation starting to run rampant, it begs the question as to why the fiat-faithful and undecided remain just that instead of embracing bitcoin.

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