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Hotel in Spain Runs Pilot to Accept Bitcoin for Payments

Casual Hoteles wants to accept Bitcoin for its tech-savvy clients to make payments for accommodations using the virtual currency. The company is currently running a pilot phase to ascertain the level of performance of using Bitcoin to facilitate payments. Other than Bitcoin, there are also plans to incorporate Amazon Pay, according to a media outlet’s report on March 4.

Casual Hoteles Runs Pilot Phase to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Based on reports, Casual Hoteles is running a pilot that will enable the company to accept Bitcoin for payments. The Spain-based company has buildings in regions such as Lisbon, Madrid, Valencia, and San Sebastián. However, the pilot has been set to launch first at its Casual Málaga del Mar hotel and will be overseen by the blockchain arm of the company.

Accordingly, they plan to enable tech-inclined clients who are ready to pay for suites using Bitcoin, do so. The payment option allows a customer to use their smartphone in scanning a QR code. The latter can be gotten from the hotel’s reception area, its website or retrieved from a payment code which has been provided on WhatsApp.

In the same manner, a payment processor such as BitPay will then be used to enable the transfer and confirmation of funds. Here, Bitcoin will be deducted while BitPay will set the transaction to its equivalent in Euros. Payments will also be facilitated using Amazon Pay asides from Bitcoin.

Casual Hoteles is Focused on the Use of Innovative Technology

Casual Hoteles which made comments about the development stated that their focus is on customer feedback and the use of innovative technology. This is in a bid to attract new travelers who are on the move. They also outlined that they are committed to forming a relationship with customers and other interest groups by listening to the needs of the market.

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They added that:

With the aim of anticipating their needs, exceeding their expectations and creating new formulas for tourism profitability.

Chess Begins Processing Subscriptions Using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Asides from Casual Hoteles, several other companies, have started accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Dash, and Ethereum. BTCNN on March 3 reported that has resumed accepting cryptocurrency. Specifically, the company will be allowing Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash for subscriptions.

BTCNN on January 28 also informed of reputable food portals around the world that are accepting Bitcoin. These are portals that link to thousands of restaurants in their respective countries. An instance of this, is, a German food portal that connects to over 13,000 restaurants.

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