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Head of Fidelity says wealth managers are in Bitcoin ‘education mode’

As Bitcoin grows in popularity among mainstream adopters, Head of Fidelity Investments’ Mike Durbin offered a new counter-argument to the trend. According to him, a vast majority of companies are stThe post Head of Fidelity says wealth managers are in Bitcoin ‘education mode’
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Bitcoin miner Hut 8 to join Foundry USA Pool, DCG's subsidiary

Canada-based mining company Hut 8 is now mining operations with Foundry USA Pool, a subsidiary that is wholly owned by Digital Currency Group (DCG). The mining company said it added a portion of its tThe post Bitcoin miner Hut 8…
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Latin America’s First Approved Bitcoin ETF to raise $90 Million to Buy BTC

Following the recent approval of QR Capital’s Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), the Brazillian company is looking to raise $90 million to buy the bitcoin needed before trading commences. Working Towards Acquiring Bitcoin QR Capital made history after Brazil’s Securities and…
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What to expect from this later-stage bull market of Bitcoin?

Lately, the Bitcoin market appears to be taking two steps forward only to move a step back. For instance, on 13 March, the price of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $61,711.87, and instead of consoThe post What to expect…