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Grumpy Cat meme coin raises $70K for animal shelters

A Grumpy Cat NFT fetched more than $80,000 while the Grumpy Cat coin community raised more than $70,000 for an animal shelter.
The community behind meme cryptocurrency Grumpy Cat Coin, or GRUMPY, has donated 39 ETH worth almost $70,000 to the Sterling Animal Shelter in Massachusetts. (Owing to the fluctuating price of GRUMPY, that’s about $10,000 less than estimated in their social post below.)Our very first charity drive has now ended. 150 Billion- roughly $80,000 in $Grumpy was raised to save kittens for Sterling Animal Shelter, I mean Meow! $link $bnb $shib $sxp $xrp $doge $rfiii $feg $hoge $bunny $eth $bao $scat $pika$poodl $chow $kangal— Grumpy Cat (@GrumpyCatToken) March 17, 2021
The meme coin is based on Tardar Sauce, the internet celebrity cat famous for her perpetual grumpy appearance. On the project’s website, the team states their focus is on “making successful efforts for all of our community members as well as the world by giving back.”The coin was listed on Uniswap this month, and $GRUMPY was added to CoinGecko on March 16. It surged in price by 1000 percent, taking the market cap from $5 million to $50 million and had a trading volume of more than $18 million on March 17. Currently the price sits at $0.00000050, down 30% $0.00000074 from its all-time high two days ago. That may not seem like such a high price, but the total supply is 1000 billion, with a circulating supply of 450 billion. Holders of $GRUMPY can earn rewards from the 1% fee charged on all transactions …
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