Google's New Plugin Aids Analysis Of The Ethereum Blockchain

Google launches news plugin that aids the cryptocurrency community in analyzing the Ethereum blockchain data and activities, as well as its development all within the Chrome browser.

Google’s New Chrome Plugin

In addition to the Google’s previous launch of Bitcoin support for its BigQuery database tool, the tech giant has launched its Ethereum version for data analytics.
This provides Google users with an avenue to interact directly with Ethereum activities. A distinguished service that gives detail activities and data on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a graph of all Ethereum transfer and the transaction cost.
The information it provides is essential to Google users as well as developers, as it helps with better decision making and gives users a better view of the Ethereum blockchain. Through its data query, the need for Ethereum system upgrading and development is shown.
Google has tested how BigQuery can create interesting maps of Ethereum traffic with Ethereum dApp, CryptoKitties. The big query gives a clear overview of the token’s activities.
The Ethereum’s big query enables the ability to compare smart contracts, especially in their functionality. This gives freedom with its large suite of analytic tools.
The Ethereum data amassed by the big query is updated daily. And to find the data provided useful there is a need for a working knowledge of database programming because all queries are made with SQL.

Google And Blockchain Technology

Google’s adoption of the blockchain tech seems late in comparison to its adoption by Microsoft and some other tech firms.
However, Google has been trending with cryptocurrency adoption, blockchain adoption, banning crypto mining apps on its store among others.
Google’s recently announced integrating the blockchain technology into its cloud platform. This was aided via a partnership with New York-based startup Digital Asset and Block apps. This is to help developers with a full stack solution to unleash the potential for web-based innovation on the blockchain. So also in July, Google started a partnership with Cardano as it seeks adoption of cryptocurrency to its platform.
Google has equally been battling with the trend of cryptocurrency mining apps on it platform, which has made many vulnerable to the harmful activities that trail cryptocurrency; such as scams, hacking and related events. The firm has had to update its policy on apps in its app store.
The firm sojourn into cryptocurrency and blockchain seem late, as the firm still regrets. However, it has been making a giant leap in adoption, especially with the data analytics of Bitcoin and Ethereum activities.

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