Thursday, July 18, 2019

Google To Protect Chrome Users Against Cryptocurrency Hacks

Google is set to make its browsing platform safer for users against the prevalence of crypto jacking and hacks currently in trend. This was revealed in a release on Monday.

Chrome To Make The Cryptosphere Safe Again

The internet has seen the prevalence of crypto jacking and hacks, recently. The former leads to illegal cryptocurrency mining without the consent of internet users while the latter deals with unauthorized access to systems and accounts that usually lead to carting away of cryptocurrencies in possession on these users.

The prevalence of this has made most browsers unsafe for browsing the internet, but for a few that aids blockage of malicious link and request.

Google Plans To Salvage Internet Users

Google will be providing safety to internet users with stricter rules to Chrome extension developers. As announced it will feature a series of changes to the way Chrome handles extensions that request extensive permissions.

It is noted as crucial that users should be able to trust the extension that they install on the Chrome platform. It should be privacy-preserving, and users should have the full transparency about the scope of their extension capabilities and data access.

With this new feature, Chrome users will have the ability to restrict extension access to a custom list of sites or will be able to set extension to request for permission each time they need to obtain access to a page. Further, an extension that requests for too many permissions will be made to undergo additional compliance review.

Chrome also noted that a lot of permission has been giving to thousands of powerful and creative extensions which has equally led to the large scale of misuse for the malicious and unintentional act – hack and crypto jacking. However, Google is to improve the user transparency and control over what extension can have access to what on the user’s system.

Also, the press release noted that over 70 percent of malicious and policy-violating extensions that Google blocks from the web store contain obfuscated code. Obfuscation is mainly used to conceal code functionality.

Further, from Monday, October 1, the Chrome web store will not allow extension with hidden or obfuscated codes anymore, while extensions with the obfuscated code on the platform have 90 days to comply with the new rule.

Capping the review, by 2019 all extension developer accounts will be protected by two verification process to fight the prevalence of account hacks.

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