Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Google Now Lists Altcoins Cryptocurrency Price In Searches

Things can change profoundly in just a moment, and the stance of Google and other social media platforms about cryptocurrencies seems to have shifted 180 degrees from earlier this year when they were openly hostile to host ads and publicity from these services. But now, Google is even aiding mainstream adoption by showing users that another cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin also exist in the market, and also showing their trading price for the fiat currency of their choice.

The only cryptocurrency that was shown in this way before today was bitcoin; when someone searches the word, it automatically presents a trade mini-app to show you the exchange price of the primordial cryptocurrency. But now, Google has extended this functionality to four other altcoins: Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, three of the four most known and most used cryptocurrencies in the market.

Google’s opinion of cryptocurrencies has been kind of strange because earlier this year it instituted a blanket ban of all ads relating cryptocurrencies from exchanges and other startups like Initial Coin Offerings, that were deemed as fraudulent by most investors. Google, Facebook, and Twitter all forbade these ads with the argument that they were protecting their users from possible scams related to this services and companies. But this ban also limited the exposure of regulated and legal exchanges such as Coinbase, that luckily was the first organization whitelisted to be able to show ads again on Facebook and Google.

However, with this move, Google is making a statement that it is on good terms with the cryptocurrency market, and that through their actions they are indeed pointing to raising awareness not only about what bitcoin is and their functions, but that there is also a bunch of cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin, every one of them with their advantages, shortcomings and their peculiarities.

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