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Google And Instagram Are Showing Coinbase Ads Again

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Good news for the cryptosphere is aplenty nowadays. Yesterday, Facebook announced that the first cryptocurrency related startup that would have its ads whitelisted on its platform would be Coinbase. And now, Coinbase ads are appearing again in the world’s most important search engine Google, a thing that has been confirmed by numerous sources all around the web and the social networks, according to an article published by Finance Magnates. Also, it was known that their ads are also appearing on Instagram, a thing that is not weird, due to the fact that they are owned by Facebook.

Google, being one of the most important search engines in the whole world, is a showcase of utmost importance for crypto-related startups, more so when they are trying to reach relevance amongst people that are not related to cryptocurrencies at all. Being the only cryptocurrency startup being whitelisted now gives them a great opportunity to reach these users and let them know about cryptocurrencies and about the services that they offer. Coinbase has reached notoriety by being the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, letting new users experience the world of cryptocurrencies without that initial knowledge barrier that might scare them.

Also, in an also important but less significant way, Instagram could help them reach some users and introduce them to their platform. Social media and search engines are two of the most used (and abused) internet applications, where people are active in looking for and consuming content every day.

This is good news for cryptocurrency in general because an exchange being allowed to display their ads on legal, regulated ads services means that they are being recognized as a legal, regulated institution. Coinbase is also trying to penetrate the Wall Street market by offering prime brokerage service to certain organizations, aiming to grow in the personal market and in the institutional one at the same time.