Monday, July 15, 2019

Google And Cardano Meeting: Is Google Into Cryptocurrencies Already?

Google is a monster giant conglomerate, no doubt about that. It is so big that it had to divide itself and organize some of their dependencies to a new company called Alphabet to keep being relevant and avoid too much centralization. From internet advertising, passing through AI and going into even mobile services with their Android devices, Google has it all. Just name it, and Google is in it.

But, there is a field that Google, and not only it but also Facebook and other Internet giants, have left out: Cryptocurrencies. These giants have been out of this business, ignoring great market opportunities and even acting against these new technologies, when earlier this year, they banned cryptocurrency related ads from their platforms altogether. Now, it seems that the tides have turned and asFacebook softened its ban stance against cryptocurrencies, Google has also started to view this tech in a different way.

Last week, Cardano executives and founders were invited by Google to talk about cryptocurrencies and their future. Charles Hoskinson and Duncan Coutts assisted and gave a speech of how Cardano could be a relevant cryptocurrency in the future and his possible applications. Cardano is regarded as being one of the most advanced cryptocurrency projects, being started in September of last year. According to Crypto Insider, the meeting showed that there was an interest in this cryptocurrency, that seems to be one of the most promising projects, able to replace even Ethereum and Bitcoin in functionality and with less energy expenditure due to its design.

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But whatever approach Google will have regarding cryptocurrencies, it won’t be a rogue one: It is a company too big to ignore rules and regulations and play outside the legal framework of the USA or the UK. Crypto Insider remarks that when regulations finally occur, these giants will flock to cryptocurrencies altogether.


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