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Going to pieces: Fractionalized NFT projects gather steam

Two new projects aim to bring NFTs to the masses by breaking them apart.
Non-fungible tokens and crypto art have taken the industry by storm in 2021 and a number of projects aim to fractionalize pieces of NFTs to give collectors’ partial ownership rights.Projects that break apart, or fractionalize, non-fungible tokens are gaining interest following a number of groundbreaking sales that are beyond the reach of most investors.With pieces such as Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” fetching a record-breaking $70 million, not everyone has pockets deep enough to bid on such extravagances. The buyer, known by the handle “MetaKovan”, purchased the piece for an NFT fund. Owning just a portion of a piece of digital art is an approach becoming more appealing to collectors, after a concept called Fractional Non-Fungible Tokens (F-NFTs) was originally conceived in 2018 as a way to offer shared ownership. A new decentralized project called Fractional will allow NFT owners to mint tokenized fractional ownership of their pieces facilitating the buying and selling of percentages of the full NFT. Additionally, fractionalizing allows for the NFT holder to realize some liquidity from their asset without selling the entire piece, according to a blog post detailing the project.The platform will also enable users to fractionalize entire collections of NFTs and release them under one shared ownership token allowing those with less knowledge of the scene to invest in digital art complied by more renowned collectors.The Fractional project works with NFT vaults, which takes custody of the …
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