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Gny Launches World’s First Decentralized Platform For Secure And Collaborative Machine Learning

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London March 10, 2021 – Using blockchain to democratize machine learning, GNY today launched the world’s first blockchain providing access to powerful machine learning functionalities on a secure and collaborative decentralized platform.
Empowering businesses and organizations to solve large and complex problems, GNY’s Mainnet will enable users to utilize its blockchain architecture to run machine learning analysis of any type of data – from financial records to public health information – without risking sensitive data theft. The Mainnet launches with 5 machine learning use cases, which will expand to dozens by the end of 2021 and eventually hundreds.

The launch comes after 18 months of development and rigorous testing. To demonstrate its potential impact, one GNY test revealed how researchers could use Mainnet to set up a private blockchain to run comparative analysis of daily COVID-19 mortalities from individual cities. Another test showed how the platform could be used to fight climate change by analyzing multiple sets of public and private data to predict when peak fossil fuel consumption will occur.
According to Cosmas Wong, the Founder and CEO of GNY, the platform represents a major step forward in efforts to make the power of machine learning accessible to organizations of any size.
“Machine learning can be a force for good for solving the world’s most pressing problems, but it needs to be accessible, cost-effective, and secure,” says Wong. “Our goal is to democratize machine learning so that anyone can leverage all the opportunities made possible with this powerful technology.”

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