Sunday, June 16, 2019

GLORY Kick Boxing Makes Litecoin its Official Cryptocurrency

GLORY, a premier stand-up combat league on February 26 announced its partnership with Litecoin Foundation, a non-profit arm of Litecoin. Based on their collaboration, Litecoin is now the official cryptocurrency used in the GLORY online store. Litecoin’s logo will also be featured in GLORY matches to promote the virtual asset to youths across the globe.

GLORY Partners With Litecoin Foundation to Enable Crypto Payments

According to the press release, GLORY has partnered with Litecoin foundation to make Litecoin the official cryptocurrency of the league. This makes the company the first professional sports league to have adopted Litecoin to allow fans to make purchases. Therefore, viewers and supporters can make purchases on the GLORY online store using the digital currency.

In the same vein, people living in the U.S. and Europe will soon be able to access additional benefits. Some of these include exclusive offers ranging from backstage arena tours and athlete meet-and-greets. The same can be said about limited offers such as premium in-arena seating and limited-edition merchandise which can be purchased using Litecoin.

Litecoin Foundation Also Benefits from Partnership

Other than facilitating payments with the use of the virtual asset, Litecoin Foundation also stands to benefit from the partnership. Here, the Litecoin logo will be featured in matches in a bid to give it an online exposure. Litecoin will also be promoted in GLORY events and on social media.

Marshall Zelaznik, GLORY’s CEO who made comments stated that the Litecoin cryptocurrency offers one of the fastest transaction confirmation speeds. Zelaznik also pointed out that both companies are young, dynamic, and have consistent year-on-year growth. Thus, partnering with Litecoin makes perfect sense to both the league and its fans.

On the other hand, Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin said:

GLORY has a growing worldwide fan base that consists in large part of a younger demographic who are early adopters of technology and conduct much of their lives online – from consuming content to purchasing products.

Litecoin Foundation has been active of late in promoting its digital currency. The company revealed on December 27 that they are the official partner of one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. On January 28, Charlie Lee also informed that the company’s development team are considering using the MimbleWimble protocol in order to bring about Litecoin’s scalability, fungibility, and privacy.

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