Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Gab, A Conservative Alternative to Twitter, Faces Tough Times

Sometimes it is difficult to understand what one has to do to avoid censorship in the social media industry. Who makes the rules and why must the rules be as they have said?

Imagine a world where an independent Internet-based community is allowed to exist on its own, free of discrimination and having equal rights with other established Internet-based communities like Twitter and Facebook. Won’t that be exciting?

Gab Already Made It Possible

Gab.com is an Internet community that has already brought such independence into existence. This company is like Twitter but a conservative alternative. Right now, the company is under attack, and its fiscal bottom line seems to be the target.

But for what reason could this be happening you might ask?

Good question!

Remember Alex Jones? The Infowars man? Gab gave him a page and a platform to air his opinion, and according to Gab, that’s the origin of its woes.

Gab Loses More Friends

The payment services used by Gab also turned their backs on the company as can be seen in the email sent by Your Friends at Gab.com:

“It’s interesting how we’ve never had any issues with either of our payment processors for over two years now, but all of a sudden when Gab.com is the only platform on the internet to host Alex Jones and defend free expression for all people, we become the target. In the last two weeks, both of our payment processors have threatened to or have frozen our service.”

Gab has been dealt a harder blow with the cancellation of its accounts by PayPal, which served as encouragement to both Joyent and Stripe to do the same. This action was taken by the companies when it was learned that a suspect in the recent synagogue shooting operated a Gab account which he used to express his intention of causing harm to Jews. This left Gab’s hosting provider no choice than to terminate its contract, leaving the company in a terrible situation.

Is There A Way Out For Gab?

Gab seems to have devised a way out of its troubles, and that is through crowdfunding. This is to reduce the reliance of the company on third-party payment processors. Though the plan looks solid, without the support of conservatives who are fed up with the censorship on social media, it may never see the light of day.

Therefore, this entire plan rests on the active participation of free thinkers who are like-minded. With their support, Gab might just have the chance to overcome its trying times and become the go-to site for the conservatives of this world.

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