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Fun-Based NFT Project Degenasaurs Goes Live and Listed on OpenSea

Degenasaurs, a fun-based NFT art project that was developed by crypto, art, and NFT enthusiasts is now live and listed on OpenSea. The project was listed on OpenSea, one of the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including ERC721 and ERC1155 assets, two days ago.

Notably, there are only 128 Degenasaurs to ever be minted and exist. According to the company, the low supply is meant to ensure the digital arts’ value keeps on scaling over time. “Only 128 Degenasaurs will ever be minted. No more will ever be summoned no matter how much demand there is (or not!) for more to be created,”.

However, Degenasaur warned that the project is experimental and interested patrons should use risk management skills. “Please DO NOT buy Degenasaurs on your credit card or with your rent money. You are looking at a fun experimental art project only,”.

Degenasaurs ensured that each digital artwork is minted differently with its meta-description available. According to information on OpenSea, every Degenasaur piece has its attribute that provides the basis of its market value.

“All Degenasaurs have different metadata and attributes. There are 7 legendary animated backgrounds and one Degenasaur was created by an AI that was trained using all the other images as its dataset,”

Take for example Degenasaur #031 which is listed on the OpenSea marketplace. This specific piece has distinct properties that the other 127 Degenasaurs do not possess. According to OpenSea, Degenasaur #031 is identified by a dark-purple background, with red body color, basketball …
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