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Full Aggregator OpenOcean Confirms Successful Private Placement & Advisory Shares

[Press Release – Road Town, BVI, 26th March, 2021]
Full market exchange aggregator OpenOcean has announced a private placement of its shares has been made to a selected group of investors. The news follows a recent successful strategic investment round led by Binance.
Investors include Altonomy and LD capital, both have participated in the Binance-led investment round, AU21, FBG, DAO Maker, Asymmetries Technologies, LIAN Group, TRON Foundation, MarketAcross, and Cao Zhen (partner of  They join the strategic investors Multicoin Capital, CMS, Kenetic, LD Capital, Altonomy and Binance that lead the previous $2M round.
Since launching in Q3 2020, OpenOcean has already grown to reach the second-highest ranked exchange on dApp aggregator site DappRadar, ranking in the top ten for 30-day volumes.
OpenOcean was the first exchange aggregator to set up on Binance Smart Chain, offering full interoperability across multiple platforms. The protocol gives users full access to aggregated liquidity and best pricing from a comprehensive range of centralized and decentralized exchanges via a single user interface. It currently supports trading on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, and Ontology, with Solana, Layer 2, and Polkadot integrations coming soon.

The project is currently engaged in an airdrop of 1% of its OOE tokens to early users. It is also planning to distribute 34% of the total OOE supply through liquidity mining rewards over the next five years, with pools in various public chains aggregated on OpenOcean, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Ontology, and Tron. OOE will be paired in pools with several other major tokens, including …
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