Four World Changing Blockchain Projects

Ranging from wealth management to self-reliant robots, the following blockchain driven projects happen to be the most promising in the year 2018.
Investors are now searching for ICO projects that will solve real problems in the world, and that is why projects with no actual effect on world issues are overlooked. Icodata reports that, in October 2018, token sales worth $150 million were obtained which is a far cry from what was gotten in January 2018 at $1.5 billion. Vitalik Buterin, who is the co-founder of Ethereum, made this statement:

“The blockchain space is getting to the point where there’s a ceiling in sight,” He suggested a next level which will include “real applications of real economic activity.”

It a challenge for productive projects when they do not get the right amount of attention they deserve, and that is what this article will do, showing the world four projects based on the blockchain offering practical world solutions.


The issue Cyclebit solves is the difficulty experienced when it comes to using digital currency in everyday affairs, and this hinders the continuous success of the whole business world.
Cyclebit has a solution to this problem, and that is to make it possible for cafes and stores to use cryptocurrency in their business activities.
There still exist today merchants who do not accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, and the number of these merchants are in the majority. Their position is not unrelated to the volatile nature of the crypto economy and lack of a solid system of payment for cryptocurrency.
Cyclebit is convinced that the market fluctuations could be lessened by making the use of cryptocurrency more applicable to everyday life through a solid payment structure for digital currencies. This company has a way to make this a possibility, and that is through the use of an application both for Android and IOS which when installed, will give any point of sale the ability to accept cryptocurrency just the way it allows fiat money. This application also makes online digital assets payment possible.

Ronomics Network

The Issue this project is tackling is the expanding complex nature of supply chains, urban life, and production which can no longer be handled with ease.
The solution to this problem is to make it easier for users to place orders for goods and services which independent robots will work together to make available.
Robonomics Network is an infrastructure based on the Ethereum network which is tasked with the duty of making robotic factories well integrated within smart cities and industries. A team of brilliant blockchain developers and scientist have been working since 2015 to create problem-solving robots that will be completely relied on to come up with good financial and effective decisions with no human input.
This network is primarily obligated to make available services, distribution and Control through the use of cyber-physical systems. The network is built specifically to meet the requirements of people, and it is founded on market mechanisms already in existence.


The algorithms, PoW and PoS, make it harder for micro-mining to occur and it is also centralized. This is a problem Iotw was designed to solve.
As a solution, Iotw makes instant transactions and micro-mining possible with the use of a Proof of Assignment protocol, based on IOT blockchain, which provides an instantaneous transfer of data. Iotw ushers in the blockchain technology into businesses and the household industry without needing any additional hardware.
Proof of Assignment protocol speeds up the network which makes IOT devices more efficient. It also removes the issue of centralization associated with PoS and PoW.


Trustverse was created to address the problem of lack of trust in cryptocurrency which hinders wealth management services from making use of the blockchain technology.
As a solution, Trustverse has provided a blockchain platform, AI and deep learning which will give users the ability to have control over their wealth.
TrustVerse is a personal artificial intelligence and blockchain-based platform for wealth management and cryptocurrency. The platform operates with an optimized engine for multi-data financial portfolio, a deep- neural artificial intelligence, and Smart contracts which make legacy planning, digital assets transfer and inheritance organization less complicated. Trustverse provides different services to cater for the needs of their clients such as tax management, control over one’s portfolio and personal information and also helps to distribute the assets belonging to their clients when they are no more.

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