First Cryptocurrency Law Firm in Canada Welcomes Global Clients

Cameron-Huff, a technology lawyer on January 3 launched the first cryptocurrency law firm in Canada. The date corresponds with Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary, and based on a media outlet’s report, launching alongside the celebration is the lawyer’s way of showing his advocacy for the virtual currency as well as businesses in the crypto industry.

Cameron-Huff Has Represented Crypto Companies in the Past

Reports reveal that Cameron-Huff has represented individuals such as a Bitcoin core developer in the past. The lawyer who has set a fixed billing payment for his services said he is ready to accept Bitcoin. In the case of the former, Cameron-Huff noted that accepting a fixed pay makes it easy for companies to access legal advice despite the issue they may be facing.
Also, Cameron-Huff expects Canada’s regulations to bring about an influx of clients in the industry. The legal practitioner is also of the opinion that this is a region that is more crypto friendly than the U.S. Nevertheless, the environment has its challenges such as the difficulty to access financial services and capital. The same goes for the competitiveness of firms to hire talents in this industry, he adds.

The Lawyer is Also Focused on the Global Market

Asides the North American country, the lawyer is willing to offer his services to companies worldwide. He said his first clients would probably come from Malta or Singapore and so far, inquiries have been made from companies in Papua New Guinea.
In a statement with a media outlet, the lawyer also said there is a shortage of talent globally, and that includes lawyers. According to him:

Many businesses around the world can’t find local legal talent that meets their needs, and this is an export opportunity for Canada’s blockchain lawyers.”

Canada Postpones Setting Final Crypto Regulations Till Late 2019

Cameron-Huff has revealed that more quality Blockchain-based company have been launched in Toronto, and these are companies whose products hold a lot of value. He says the same about the number of Blockchain developers that have been hired which has been on the increase. Specifically, this is the case with banks who have employed the services of these Blockchain experts.
The North American country in August 2018, postponed the setting of final regulations to govern the Blockchain and crypto industry. The delay was attributed to the general elections that will be coming up this October, which the Government will rather focus on. Plans have, however, been made to set guidelines for crypto companies late this year. But until then, the country is operating on the former regulations which were put in place.
BTCNN’s report on January 11 reveals that Canada is contemplating whether to accept cryptocurrency as donations during its elections. Its electoral committee in an “Interpretation Note” said Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are comparable to money and property. The latter are assets which are used in making contributions during political campaigns.