It’s been approximately one year since the COVID-19 threat infiltrated the Western World and caused massive disruptions. Consequently, it has been a little less than twelve months since the US government initiated considerable relief packages and sent $1,200 to every adult earning less than $75,000 per year.
While highly unlikely, this particular amount could have resulted in mindboggling returns if the US citizens had decided to allocate the funds in some assets. One stands out the most as $1,200 placed in Cardano in mid-April 2020 would have been nearly $45,000 today.
Stimulus Used for Investments: 11 Months Later
CryptoPotato has reported similar scenarios in the past in which we explored what could have happened if the $1,200 were allocated in BTC or even ETH. And, the overall results are quite impressive.
As of prices on February 14th, a bitcoin investment would have netted an ROI of 620% – meaning that the investor could have pocketed $8,640. Even more remarkable was the hypothetical Ethereum purchase – an increase of 1,025% or an end result of $13,500.
More recent data and prices, specifically from today, indicated that the ROI for both would have increased to $9,493 in BTC and $14,403 in ETH.
First $1,200 Stimulus if Invested in Various Assets.As the graph above demonstrates, investors would have also been in profit if they had bought stocks, such as AMC and Tesla, or directly invested in the popular stock market indexes – the Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500.
In contrast, $1,200 put in gold would have actually resulted in a loss as the price of the bullion has …
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