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FIO Protocol Marks First Year Anniversary

PRESS RELEASE. The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) celebrates the first year anniversary since the community launched the mainnet of the open-source FIO protocol. With over one-hundred and fifty thousand users and some of the industry’s leading service providers such as ShapeShift, Coinomi, AscendEX (formerly Bitmax), and Edge integrating the FIO protocol, the team are on course to ensure cryptocurrency transactions are simple, private, secure and joyful.
The FIO Protocol was designed to ensure the cryptocurrency user experience is uncomplicated and lays the foundation for cryptocurrency mass adoption. Long complex addresses have been replaced with user-customized FIO Addresses such as “user@fio” that enable decentralized sending, receiving and payment requests (invoices, order carts, etc.), as well as, cross-chain end-to-end encrypted metadata (the information for those invoices, order carts, etc.) that can work across all blockchains.
Luke Stokes, Managing Director, FIO: The last year has seen the FIO Protocol and cryptocurrency industry mark a number of significant milestones. Many people are predicting continued exponential adoption for cryptocurrencies over the next few years mirroring the path the Internet took towards a billion users. For this to become an everyday reality, the user experience must improve. Sending an email used to be hard. Using the internet was difficult. Prior to the creation of http, we had no usability layer to bring about the browser revolution and the World Wide Web. We are now at a similar stage with cryptocurrencies and the FIO Protocol is designed to ensure the user experience …
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