Finney, First World Blockchain Based Mobile Phone To Be Endorsed By Lionel Messi

Finney, the first Blockchain based mobile phone in the world will be endorsed by one of the best players in the history of Football, Lionel Messi. This was revealed by a UK news firm, The independent.

The Launch of Finney and Endorsement

Lionel Messi’s name is a name that is as prominent as the round leather sport, football in this present era. Using him to endorse a product tends to bring the same level of popularity to such a product. This might be the story of the world first blockchain based phone in the coming days, as the football star and legend will be endorsing the mobile phone on Thursday 29th November 2018.
Finney, the blockchain smartphone is supported by a Google certified fork of Android which is tagged SirinOS.
In addition to the blockchain technology, the mobile phone also features cold wallet storage that enables its users to store their crypto holdings safely. Also, the phone functions with sirin app store that will give the users access to a range of Decentralized applications, an example is a dapp that enables users to exchange mobile data or battery data in return for digital tokens.
Nimrod, Sirin Labs’ chief marketing officer, noted that the firm is a blockchain enthusiast and they aim at making the phone offer all the benefits of blockchain technology to a large audience, while it’s making cryptocurrency accessible to the mainstream.

Lionel Messi As Sirin Lab Ambassador

Lionel Messi was appointed as the brand ambassador of the Swiss-Israeli firm, Sirin Labs, last year December and he has been saddled with the image of the firm.
The firm noted that “a brand ambassador is someone who recognizes the significance of a company and agrees to represent the company professionally, to educate others about it and bring awareness to it.”
The trend of celebrities getting associated with a fake or unworthy product is becoming prominent. However, the firm stated that it is not a celebrity endorser relationship that it has with Lionel Messi, but a brand ambassador relationship. It was noted that the relationship was reached after a significant amount of time discussing a wide range of issues, Messi saw the power, professionalism, and future within Sirin Labs and these reasons have spurred him to represent the brand.