Financia Business School Accepts Tuitions in Bitcoin

A French academic institution now accepts cryptocurrency as tuition fees. Financia Business School partnered with Coin Capital, a hedge fund manager headquartered in Paris, to enable the students of the institution to pay their tuition in bitcoin.

Academic Institutions Accepting Tuitions In Bitcoin

Academic institutions have been aiding the growth and development of cryptocurrency as it serves as breeding ground for the potential professionals in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
The introduction of cryptocurrency option for payment of tuition fee in the Financia Business School has further increased the bond of crypto and education. This is a maiden of its type and might spread to other institutions across the globe soon.
From offering blockchain and cryptocurrency courses, the school now enables payment of tuition with cryptocurrency.
The school was established in 2014 and has been offering MBA, bachelor’s program and masters program in financial technology (Fintech). And it has its alumni flourishing on every facet of the society.
In the 2018 academic year, the institution has seen five students pay for their tuition fee with cryptocurrency. Adam Hasib, one of the students, stated that he discovered the technology, bitcoin very early and he quickly becomes a follower of the Decentralized blockchain model. He further noted that by June 2017 he had acquired his first bitcoin which enables him to pay for the registration deposit at school.
Also, with international students at the school making up 25% of all the enrolled students, money transfer has been difficult from some countries. However, with the introduction of crypto payments, the Financia Business School has adopted it to make payment and trace transactions.

Academic and Crypto Partnership

Higher institution around the world has introduced blockchain and cryptocurrency courses into their system as they prepare professionals for the sector.
Also, the opportunities available in the space has prompted many to desire to study courses related to blockchain and cryptocurrency to carve a niche in the field.
Further, higher institutions around the world have been putting their fund into cryptocurrency as reported. This has made many believe that academic institutions will be leading the institutional adoption of the cryptocurrency industry.
Likewise, academic institutions have been receiving grants and donations in cryptocurrency from their successful Alumni. While some institutions receive such donations, some have rejected it based on the volatility feature and how to handle such donation.
The interaction of the academic and the cryptocurrency industry has indicated that both have mutual benefit to offer each other.

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