Financia Business School Accepts Bitcoin From Students of Blockchain in Paris

A reputable financial and business degree awarding academic institution in Paris, known as the Financia Business School, now accepts Bitcoin from students of blockchain technology. In 2014 after the institute was established, it offered post-Bachelor and MBA level qualifications. It now takes a master class on fintech courses, which makes it one of the pioneers of such a course in France. Needless to say that the alumni of the institution are scattered around post-Bachelor and MBA level qualifications.

Financia Accepts Bitcoin Payment

The reason for the flexibility in payment is very simple; the institution admits about 25 percent international student, it is only necessary to demystify the cumbersome process of payment, the institute has decided to accept payment by cryptocurrency. With this, the issue of complexity in funds transfer is made simple.
The institution has collaborated with blockchain startup Coin Capital, also Paris-based, to facilitate the process of payment as well as support students. Currently, five students already have paid their fees in cryptocurrency for 2018 academic year, including one Adam Hasib, who revealed that his early investment in Bitcoin made payment of his tuition fees possible.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Classes

In July 2018, somewhere in Europe, the London School of Economics launched a course titled “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.” According to a United States survey conducted in September, nine percent undergraduates in the United States have taken one or two classes relating to blockchain technology while 26 percent nurse the intention to put in the future.
For example, the United States’ Stanford University stays on the top of the list of world-class universities taking cryptocurrencies and blockchain courses as revealed by a study published in August. The survey also revealed that 40% of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one or two classes centered on blockchain or cryptocurrency.
Also, the demand for experts in the nascent sector has drastically increased as a study has shown that the jobs in the sector had risen 300 percent from 2017 to 2018 in the U.S. It is fascinating that even with the bear market of the crypto sector, there still exists some bright sides such as increment in job opportunities.

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