Facebook Could Integrate Blockchain Technology Into Its Login and Data Sharing System

Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook could integrate blockchain technology into its login and data sharing system. The founder of Facebook noted this in a recent discussion.

Blockchain Identity System For Facebook

In a video discussion, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg told Harvard Law professor, Jonathan Zittrain that the social media platform could introduce a blockchain identity system. This will see the integration of blockchain technology into the platform’s login and data sharing system.
This will in effect allow the billions of users of the platform to enforce control on the apps that access their data, profiles, and pages. Also, this tech would enable users to restrict the amount of data they share.
Further, Zuckerberg noted in the video that blockchain technology could be utilized by Facebook to get rid of intermediaries. This is to enable developers to build applications and features without having to worry about losing access if they violate the third-party policy.
Zuckerberg says that one of the things that are troubling for developers in working with the Facebook system, Google system or delivering service to Apple’s app store is the concern of intermediary between serving the people using these services and the developers. He noted that it is a troubling and difficult situation where someone can say a developer has to follow policy and if not, can cut off access to the people being served.

Apple’s Revocation Of Facebook Enterprise Certification

This explanation seems to be a reference to the recent woes Facebook experienced in the hands of the tech giant, Apple. The social media giant’s research app was banned from the Apple Store recently when its enterprise certification was revoked.
Apple argued that Facebook had violated one of its policies for taking action. It stated that the app was only supposed to be used internally and not meant for general users. The iPhone maker later reinstated the Facebook enterprise certification.

Facebook and Blockchain Adoption

Though Zuckerberg did not explicitly state that Facebook would be integrating blockchain technology, however, the platform has what it takes to implement it.
Recently, the social media platform acquired Chainspace, a smart contract development firm. The purchase allowed Facebook to absorb most of the startup’s employees into its blockchain division. There is also a rumor of more acquisition in the crypto space by Facebook as the firm was reported to be in contact with blockchain startups such as Basis, Keybase, and Algorand.